Photographer working in the field at sunset.

Landscape, Travel, Nature, & Wildlife

Chris Rainier
Eddie Soloway
Adam Gibbs
Chris Noble
Michael Gordon
Youssef M. Ismail
Geoff Simpson
Martin Sundberg
David & Marc Muench
Eric Fredine
Frans Lanting
Jim Brandenburg
Guy Edwardes
Inger Hogstrom
Jerry Dodrill
Justin Bailie
Joseph Kayne
Michael Hardeman
Sam Roberts
Michael Routh
Guy Tal
Sean McCarty
Quang-Tuan Luong
Steve Bloom
Galen & Barbara Rowell
Tony Rowell
William Neill
Art Wolfe
Carl Donohue / Skolai Images
Ron Niebrugge / Wild Nature Images
Michael “Nick” Nichols
Bret Edge
Richard Wong
Marc Adamus
Jim Goldstein
Darwin Wiggett
George Ward
Nick Rains
Tom Mangelsen
Michael Anderson
Ladislav Kamarad
Lewis Kemper
Younes Bounhar
Dan Baumbach
David duChemin
David Sanger
Bruce Percy
Adam Barker
Richard Bernabe
Jon Cornforth
Nevada Wier
Timothy Wolcott
Steve Weaver
Hans Strand
Freeman Patterson
Kari Post
Iain Sarjeant
Daniel Bergmann
Rob Tilley
Floris van Breugel
Florian Schulz
Jerry Monkman
Sean Bagshaw
Greg Vaughn
Brenda Tharp
Charlie Borland
Nick Brandt
Joesph Rossbach
Ian Plant
Adam Burton
Rick Sammon
Carr Clifton
Dan Bailey
Robert Glenn Ketchum
James Kay
Matthew Cromer
Jay Goodrich
Andy Biggs
Mitch Dobrowner

Ocean & Underwater
David Doubilet
Bob Talbot
Phillip Colla / Oceanlight
Dr. Alexander Mustard
Clark Little Waves, Waves, & More Waves

Commercial, Architectural, Other, etc.

Steve McCurry One of the great National Geographic Photographers; incl. famed photo of the Afgan girl.
Roger Ressmeyer Classic Space, Science, Earth, & Celebrity
JoeMcNally Prolific Nat. Geographic, editorial & commercial assignment photographer.
Eric Meola Wonderfully graphic images of people and places.
Mitchell Kanashkevich Excellent culltural portraits.

John Lund Commercial, Artistic, & Concept Stock
Saxon Holt Horticulture & Garden Photography

Fine Art, Classic, Famous, etc.

Ansel Adams
Henri Cartier Bresson
Jay Maisel
David Maisel
Sebastiao Salgado
Leonard Nimoy
David Zimmerman
Gregory Colbert / Ashes & Snow
Yann Arthus-Bertrand

And even more… / B&W

Josef Hoflehner Great B&W images via the Young Gallery.
Hakan Strand
Michael Kenna

Robert Buelteman Some amazing non-camera photography leaves & plants.

Janet Dwyer More amazing non-camera photography leaves & plants; ‘photographed’ with a scanner.

Catherine Nelson Uber-Cool digitally produced photographic “little planet-scapes”.

Pix Channel – Web-based video interviews with some amazing photographers, including Eddie Adams, Mary Ellen Mark, and Jerry Uelsmann.

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