Groups, Organizations, and Associations.

dpbestflow.orgASMP’s Digital Photography Best Practices & Workflow. (Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines)
Digital Watermarking (Wiki page)
Digital Watermarking Alliance A group of companies committed to furthering digital watermarking.

Cameras, Software, & Workflow.

Megapixel to Print Size Chart & How Big Can I Print from my digital camera?

ACDSee Pro View, process, edit, organize, and archive.
iVIEW Multimedia Digital Asset Management & catalog software.
IMatch from Digital Asset Management Software
Photo Mechanic Image Editing Software from Camera Bits. The Digital Asset Management site from Peter Krogh and Tom Nolan
Nikon Info from Thom Hogan

Printing, Printers, Imaging Services.

West Coast Imaging
Calypso Imaging
Color Folio

DataColor Calibration and profiling tools & software.

Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Digital Photography School – An online resource full of photo tips & tricks.

Dr. Russell Browns Tips & Tricks
The page may look a bit goofy, but it makes up for that by simply being on of the best PS tutorial sites on the web.

Exposure Blending in Photoshop from Layers Magazine

How to fix Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop Tip from Digital Photography School

Photoshop TV

Ron Bigelow PS Videos and written articles.

Beams of Light from
Photoshop Zoom Effect
Fake Model Photography – Think model train towns.
Photoshop Tutorials from Tutorialized
Tips & Tricks from Lexar Digital Photography
Top 10 Free Photoshop Plug-ins compiled by ExtremeTech
HDR in Photoshop CS Tutorial – from Luminous Landscape
Extended Depth of Field with Auto-Blend in CS4 – from Layers Magazine

60 Advanced Photoshop Tutorials


The DAM Book Digital Asset Management for Photographers by Peter Krogh.

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