Great Value for your Most Important Day Ever

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Imagine you’re a bride about to get married. (Guys, just go with me on this one for a second…) You want everything to be perfect, but you also face the reality of keeping your costs under control. But you understand one thing with perfect clarity; You want this to be the best day of your life.

(Photo: Bride and Groom at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California. I shot this picture while working on my California Coast book. They just happened to be on site with their own wedding photographer. I merely asked if I could take their picture and they happily obliged.)

Anyway, back to the story:

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New Photo of the Month June 2006

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Picture: Coastal fog at dawn along hills near Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, California

File under Better Late Than Never; I’ve just posted the June 2006 Photo of the Month. As usual, this print is available at 50% off for an 11×14″ or larger Limited Edition Photographic Print.

You can also see other images of the area in my online Central Coast Gallery.

Color me crazy

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This is one of those cool things to get your mind warped on a Monday morning.

Remember when you used to get your film back from the drug store? You’d look through the prints, but pay practically no attention to the negatives. But we all know what color negatives look like, right?

In this Optical Illusion, your eye will stare at a negative, and then after 30 seconds you rollover to see the image in it’s natural color – but the image isn’t in color.

 And for those of you who like photoshop and java scripts, there is a link to a photoshop tutorial on how to make your own version.

Enjoy. Happy Monday!

Lets Make it Official Wine Country

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I can’t believe I haven’t officially announced it here yet. I suppose I could chalk it up to being busy, and the family issues previously mentioned in other posts. I did manage to get up a page on my regular website, but getting a note posted here on my weblog seems to add that sense of “official-ness” Just within the last month, my fourth and latest book was released.

Backroads of the California Wine Country: Your Guide to the Wine Country’s Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

Like my other books with Voyageur Press, this title was photographed by me, and written by Karen Misuraca. You can read the publishers blurb and see a few of the photos from the book on my web site’s Wine Country Book page.

Hear ye Hear ye

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Question: What’s cooler, trendier, and faddier than a weblog?
Answer: Podcasting.

So what would be more appropriate to list on a photography related weblog than photography related podcasts. Creativepro has assembled a listing of several free photography podcasts. I’ll admit I’ve checked out a few, but make no personal guarantees about their educational or entertainment value. Personally, having a Master’s degree in Directing, I’m a little extra picky about what will hold my attention, especially regarding the production value.

One podcast that I’ve tuned into is Photoshop TV.

How Cliche

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I’d seen a list of the Top Ten Stock Photography Cliches as assembled by the folks at Forty Media. (They’re a design firm in AZ, and more about them to come in another post.) Then today, I was reading about how cheap and cheesy stock photos seem to pervade the Church Marketing Industry. Did you know there was such an ‘industry’?

The good folks at Church Marketing Sucks were able to draw on many examples, including a new pairing that one commenter actually had a link to an outside Church Marketing Wed Design Template Vendor that actually used one of the exact sample Top 10 cliche images. Too Funny, and talk about how to prove a point.

One of the greatest benefits to using Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free, is the client can always ask about the previous licensing history of an image. With Royalty Free, ya’ take your chances, and know you might get burned. Not a good strategy in my book for companies that consider their public image as an ‘investment’. Read more and see examples on my own Royalty Free page.

Photo: Twisting Road and Mountains

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Picture: Twisting curves on two lane road below snow covered mountain peaks and storm clouds, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

For those that read the previous post know that this last week ended on a rough note for our family. And in keeping with the theme that we all must face after the death of a loved one, this image reminds me that we all must move on, and move forward.

See more Moving On, Moving forward images in my ROADS gallery.

Photo: Free spirit soaring in the clouds

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Picture: Seagull flying in front of clearing storm clouds, Sonoma Coast, California

I made my recent anniversary card for my wife out of this image, using the words “Two Wings, One Heart”. It was very personal. But today, I’m posting this image for another very personal reason. I learned that last night, around midnight, my Uncle, Irwin Jay Abrash, passed away at age 77. He had been fighting an illness, and his body just didn’t have any more fight left in him. So today, I’m sad, sorry, and relieved. May his spirit soar with the angels, and forever be free of pain. I  hope and trust my dad was there to meet him. Goodbye, Farewell, I’ll miss you, and I love you. Woof.

Arnold Newman Passes

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On of the great portrait photographers of the last century has passed away. Arnold Newman was best known for his revealing glimpses of famous artists and world leaders. A great place to see a portfolio is at the PDN LEGENDS archive. (requires Flash)

Photo: Whats that sound Toto

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Picture: Funnel cloud descending on the rural outskirts of Tracy, Central Valley, California.

I’ve only been lucky enough to photograph one funnel cloud. It occured on a stormy afternoon in NOVEMBER. I had been returning from Yosemite National Park, after spending the whole first half of the day under deep dark rainclouds. You can actually see the storm clouds in the background stacked up against the Sierra. The funnel cloud lasted about 15 minutes, and the photo above shows it’s closest approach to the ground. Had the tip actually touched the ground, then – meteorologically speaking – it would have offically been classified as a tornado. Eventually, I’ll add these and similar images into my Clouds and Skies photo gallery. In the meantime, you can also see a close-up version in my New Images Portfolio.

Now, if you really want to see the KILLER tornado shots, there really is only one world-class, go to specialist, Warren Faidley. He’s the guy every stormchaser envies, having founded the photo agency, Weatherstock.