Photo: Celebrate your freedom and independence on the 4th of July.

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Picture: No trespassing sign on the Big Sur coast, California

This would be a great place to celebrate your freedom and independence on this 4th of July, except your not allowed to set foot on one of the most pristine and accessible sections of the Big Sur Coast. Go ahead and celebrate; just do it somewhere else.

What’s that yellow stain next to your photo?

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Question: What’s that yellow stain between your ankles and your artwork? Answer: Why, it’s the sign of a full scale pissing match, of course. Today’s players: Thomas Hawk (aka), and Jill Greenberg’s hubby, Robert Green. Hold on there, cowperson; I hear you asking, “Who the heck is Jill Greenberg?” She’s a photographer. And this great face-off is brought to you by the good folks at the company, “I can’t explain what bad art is, but I know it when I see it.”

Bloggoholic Thomas Hawk made a post back in April, drawing attention to the ‘Bad’ photography of Ms. Greenberg, and how she does ‘Bad’ things to little kids to make her ‘Bad’ art, and therefore is a ‘Bad’ person. Then American Photo got into the picture – or should I say – fray. Soon, a full scale blow-up ensued with ‘bad’ words flying everywhere, especially on Jill’s hubby’s web site; he gets top points for most use of foul-mouthed language. (Rated R, kids.) And the words keep flying in both directions.

If you have an hour or so to kill, it’s good for those of us that like to see an occasional car-wreck in progress. But more to the point, this serves as a great example of how artwork can provoke and inflame passionate responses. Remember Mapplethorpe? Read the rest of this post »

Tips and tricks

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For us here ‘Mericans, the 4th of July looms near. If you want to try your hand at photographing the ohh ahh bang boom of fireworks, take a read of the tips provided over at the Digital Photography School. I’ve read a number of items by these people, and always find the topics good, but some are more basic. This article gives some good tips to get you started.

Also, ExtremeTech has put together a list of Top 10 Free Photoshop plug-ins, and includes links to download each of them. I don’t do any Photoshop Artistry with my pictures, but since the price is right…

Photo: Fog along the steep coastal cliffs of Big Sur, Monterey County, California

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File this picture under: “Where I went while most of the state baked in 100+ degree (f) temperatures”.


This was a family camping trip, so not as much photography as I would have liked. The day we left, the weather reports were calling for 103f at our house, and a sustained heat wave forecast to last for five days. Color us lucky, but I don’t think we saw the sun for more than an hour or two each day, with great thanks to being under a blanket of coastal fog, or relaxing in redwood forest. I’m sure the amount we spent in Gas was offset by the money we saved by not running the Air Conditioner back at the house.

See more Monterey, Carmel & Big Sur photos.

Your model has what kind of problem?

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It’s come to our attention that your attractive blond female spokesmodel has certain … umm … femine hygene issues. In a word, “Eeeww Yuck!” File under: More info than I needed to know.

One reason companies investing in their corporate image, and spending big bucks designing and placing ads in both print and web should consider Rights Managed (RM) vs. Royalty Free (RF).

If this photo had been RM, then either company could have sent out a request via an agency asking for the license history, and know exactly who else used or is using the same photo. True, each could have bought this as RM on a non-exclusive basis, and had the same outcome. The point is that with RM, that history, and exclusivity CAN be researched or acquired. With RF Images (Which I believe this image is most likely) there is simply no way to know who else is using the same image your about to spend big media dollars. But with the lure of a cheap RF license… well, ya just never know. Save a few dollars on a photo, but potentially waste thousands more if such an embarrasing use tarnishes all the valuable ads your company bought and paid for.

Read more about the Dangers of using Royalty Free in the Commercial Marketplace (with more examples).

That nasty RF If Only Regret

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Thanks to The Stock Photo Industy’s numeric calculations guru, Jeff Greenberg for bringing this to our attention. Imagine getting a whopping $150.00 for a photo that almost everyone in the country will not only see, but also use on a daily basis; an image iconic of our country, the U.S.A..

Perhaps the subtitle for this post should be:

If Only I hadn’t decided to sell this image as RF, I could have made a lot more money!

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Great Value for your Most Important Day Ever

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Imagine you’re a bride about to get married. (Guys, just go with me on this one for a second…) You want everything to be perfect, but you also face the reality of keeping your costs under control. But you understand one thing with perfect clarity; You want this to be the best day of your life.

(Photo: Bride and Groom at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California. I shot this picture while working on my California Coast book. They just happened to be on site with their own wedding photographer. I merely asked if I could take their picture and they happily obliged.)

Anyway, back to the story:

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New Photo of the Month June 2006

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Picture: Coastal fog at dawn along hills near Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, California

File under Better Late Than Never; I’ve just posted the June 2006 Photo of the Month. As usual, this print is available at 50% off for an 11×14″ or larger Limited Edition Photographic Print.

You can also see other images of the area in my online Central Coast Gallery.

Color me crazy

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This is one of those cool things to get your mind warped on a Monday morning.

Remember when you used to get your film back from the drug store? You’d look through the prints, but pay practically no attention to the negatives. But we all know what color negatives look like, right?

In this Optical Illusion, your eye will stare at a negative, and then after 30 seconds you rollover to see the image in it’s natural color – but the image isn’t in color.

 And for those of you who like photoshop and java scripts, there is a link to a photoshop tutorial on how to make your own version.

Enjoy. Happy Monday!

Lets Make it Official Wine Country

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I can’t believe I haven’t officially announced it here yet. I suppose I could chalk it up to being busy, and the family issues previously mentioned in other posts. I did manage to get up a page on my regular website, but getting a note posted here on my weblog seems to add that sense of “official-ness” Just within the last month, my fourth and latest book was released.

Backroads of the California Wine Country: Your Guide to the Wine Country’s Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

Like my other books with Voyageur Press, this title was photographed by me, and written by Karen Misuraca. You can read the publishers blurb and see a few of the photos from the book on my web site’s Wine Country Book page.