Orphan Works Bill DOA

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For those following the Orphan Works Congressional Bill working it’s way through congress; Photo District News reports that the bill has died a quiet death. Having generated a lot of heat in the professional arts community, this bill threatened the ability of copyright holders to protect and defend their copyright interests.

This law could have been of some benefit, especially for archival educational institutions and museums. However, it was so poorly written, that almost anyone could claim a good faith effort to locate a copyright holder, yet there was no provision for what constituted proof of that good faith effort. I imagine we’ll see another version of this bill in a year or two, hopefully with limitations in place for who the bill would be applicable towards, namely museums and such, and not every Tom, Dick, and Harry Publisher or Graphic Design / Advertsising Firms. 

New Photo of the Month; Oct.’06

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Picture: Golden Aspen trees in Fall along Virginia Creek, Mono County, Eastern Sierra, California

This is an image from a couple years ago, but probably close to how things look in the Eastern Sierra right now. This is one of 565 images that I have recently scanned, so it was right in front of the line when it came to picking a new photo of the month. As always, for this month, Limited Edition Prints of this image are avalable at a 50% discount. You can also see more Eastern Sierra images in my online gallery.

I wish I had a picture of….

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I wish I had a picture of a Yo-Yo! It would be perfect for explaining how many times my web host server has gone up and down this week. At least 5 calls to tech support have been made during the course of the last several days. On severa instances, some of you may have seen a blank white page where my blog should have been, which was a fault of the SQL server. If you saw a Page Not Found error, that would have been when the whole main server was offline. I can only hope next week will be better.

Out the Window

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Photo: Looking out the airplane window at sunset light on engine cowling of Boeing 737-400 enroute from Chicago, Illinois, to San Francisco, California

As I mentioned on a previous post, I planned my recent flight from Chicago to be flying right over the Sierra at sunset; which we were. However the skies were so hazy that I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures. So instead, I shot the only thing I could see that had any good light on it; the engine. Oh well, it’s a travel icon…

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Can you de-CERN Fermi Lab?

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Picture: Aerial view of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago, Illinois.

This was taken just moments after my plane took off from Chicago’s Midway Airport. At the time I was really bummed that we were flying so close to the accelerator that the bottom half of the ring extended just past the bottom edge of my window. In retrospect, I’ve grown to like this more for it’s graphic nature. One of the great powers of the human brain is it’s ability to fill in missing information. Hopefully, your brain is filling in the rest of the circle. :)

For those that don’t know, Fermi is one of the premier labs in the world, sending speeding atoms colliding into one another, hoping to answer some of the most profound questions in all of physics. Visit the Fermi Lab web site, and visit their FAQ page for more details.

Happy Autumnal Equinox Day

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Picture: Fall colors on grape vine leaves in vineyard, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California.

Today is one of the two days of each calendar year when the sun rises and sets at exactly 90 and 270 degrees respectively. It also marks the official first day of fall; a season when most travel, landscape, and nature photographers become obsessed with yellows, oranges, and reds. This particular photo was taken while shooting for my most recent book, Backroads of the California Wine Country. Enjoy the season!

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Photo: Urban Nature; Oak trees near Chicago

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Picture: Oak tree canopy of branches and leaves, McDonalds University Campus, Oak Brook, near Chicago, Illinois.

This is probably the only 100% true nature photo taken on my trip. But honestly, being only 60 feet from the door of the Hyatt Lodge, how much of a commune back to nature could this have really been?

Where is Carmen Chicago?

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Been quiet here, huh? Well there’s a good reason, and it ties into my last two posts. I just got back from a road trip to Chicago. I wish I could say I got lots of good photos, but this wasn’t a photo trip. I got a few, and I do mean FEW. I wound up staying at the Hyatt Lodge on the McDonalds University Campus. This is where they bring in all the restaurant managers from around the globe for corporate instruction. (BTW – the Hyatt is one of those places where, if you sneeze, they charge you $6.00!)

Picture: Curving bridge on the McDonalds University Campus (Hamburger U.), Oak Brook, Illinois.

So why did I take a road trip to Chicago that resulted in almost no photos?

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Photo: Firehole Basin, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

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Picture: Steam rising from geothermal vent along the Firehole River, Firehole Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There’s a reason for posting this photo; except nobody has bothered to tell me what that might be.

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Photo: Road at Sunrise, Wells, Nevada

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Picture: Storm clouds at sunrise over lonely, empty two-lane desert highway, near Wells, Nevada.

Wise man says: The Road Ahead is merely the past for anyone traveling the opposite direction. Furthermore, an idiot standing in the middle of the road is either (a) lost, (b) confused, (c) waiting to be hit by a speeding vehicle, (d) all of the above, or (e) shooting stock photos.

Whenever I see photos like this, I always think about that movie that came out in the ’80′s – not sure of the title. Anyway, I never saw the movie, but I remember the trailer showing a bunch of kids playing chicken by laying in the middle of a road at night along the line when a truck zooms past. Sure enough, within a week, there was a news report about some kids getting killed by immitating the scene in the movie.

Full Disclosure: I actually did this once with some friends; kinda. We weren’t doing a dare, but we had stopped along Tioga Pass Road around 3:00Am, and were watching the stars. The only good spot to view through the trees was -of course – in the middle of the road. Fortunately, we picked a spot where we could see any oncoming headlights well before they would reach us.

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