Another Blue Angel shot

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Here’s one more shot of the Blue Angels flying in formation during the San Francisco Fleet Week celebrations.

Blue Angels

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I felt so non-professional.

In a way, it’s enjoyable when you don’t feel you have to get the shot. That’s the expectation everytime you’re hired as a pro photographer. But not this last Sunday. It was take the kids to the city for the day, mainly to watch the Blue Angels perform as part of the Fleet Week celebrations. We watched the whole show from a distance, and I got a couple nice images, snapshooting away with the Nikon 80-400 VR lens. The VR (Vibration Reduction) was turned off since I was panning with the planes. For the techies – I used Manual focus while panning; this is not the lens to use for AF, due to the AutoFocus Motor not being one of the faster “S” lenses. (“S” stands for Silent Wave Motor in the high-end Nikon lenses. It’s super fast, and super quiet). You can see another image of the Blue Angels that I shot a few years ago, much closer, while MF panning with an F4 500mm lens.

Holy Lightning Bolts, Batman!

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Wow – talk about close! Check out the photo and article in the Daily News about a guy who photographed a lightning bolt strike only yards (meters) from where he stood. The blast was so powerful that it knocked him six feet in the air. Be sure to click the “Enlarge” button below the photo to get a really good look.

Those dirty rotten #@$!*#$&~!!

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Un-blanken Believable!!  The plague is spreading. It seems that  I now have comment spammers spamming one of the forms on my web site. I’ve gotten about a dozen emailed forms in the last few days. They are semi-filled out with some options selected, and a comment that says, “Nice Site. Check out our cool site at…”, followed by a bunch of spam links to Viagra or Mortgage sales sites.

First was email, then web forums, then Blog comments, and now, web forms; no place is safe from these (Edit).

Web Color Tips

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Creative Pro has a quick tutorial for understanding how Color photos appear in web browsers, and how to best prepare images for display on the web so that the colors remain accurate. If you’re not familiar with the terms “Adobe RGB” and “sRGB”, yet you love to post images onto the World Wide Web, for family or community groups, this is a great intro article on the concept of a ‘color-managed’ workflow.

For those interested in my own workflow; My images are scanned as TIFF and adjusted in Adobe 1998 RGB, since most will be used in Print form. Once I’ve saved a Master TIFF File, I convert each file to a JPEG, and also convert the colorspace to sRGB. I then view in PhotoShop CS2 as a “Monitor RGB” proof. I find that in order to make the Jpeg appear like the TIFF (for client fidelity), I usually need to tweak the Blue & Cyan hues, since the conversion to sRGB makes my originally Blue skies appear significantly more Cyan.

Orphan Works Bill DOA

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For those following the Orphan Works Congressional Bill working it’s way through congress; Photo District News reports that the bill has died a quiet death. Having generated a lot of heat in the professional arts community, this bill threatened the ability of copyright holders to protect and defend their copyright interests.

This law could have been of some benefit, especially for archival educational institutions and museums. However, it was so poorly written, that almost anyone could claim a good faith effort to locate a copyright holder, yet there was no provision for what constituted proof of that good faith effort. I imagine we’ll see another version of this bill in a year or two, hopefully with limitations in place for who the bill would be applicable towards, namely museums and such, and not every Tom, Dick, and Harry Publisher or Graphic Design / Advertsising Firms. 

New Photo of the Month; Oct.’06

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Picture: Golden Aspen trees in Fall along Virginia Creek, Mono County, Eastern Sierra, California

This is an image from a couple years ago, but probably close to how things look in the Eastern Sierra right now. This is one of 565 images that I have recently scanned, so it was right in front of the line when it came to picking a new photo of the month. As always, for this month, Limited Edition Prints of this image are avalable at a 50% discount. You can also see more Eastern Sierra images in my online gallery.

I wish I had a picture of….

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I wish I had a picture of a Yo-Yo! It would be perfect for explaining how many times my web host server has gone up and down this week. At least 5 calls to tech support have been made during the course of the last several days. On severa instances, some of you may have seen a blank white page where my blog should have been, which was a fault of the SQL server. If you saw a Page Not Found error, that would have been when the whole main server was offline. I can only hope next week will be better.

Out the Window

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Photo: Looking out the airplane window at sunset light on engine cowling of Boeing 737-400 enroute from Chicago, Illinois, to San Francisco, California

As I mentioned on a previous post, I planned my recent flight from Chicago to be flying right over the Sierra at sunset; which we were. However the skies were so hazy that I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures. So instead, I shot the only thing I could see that had any good light on it; the engine. Oh well, it’s a travel icon…

See more of my Aviation photos

Can you de-CERN Fermi Lab?

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Picture: Aerial view of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago, Illinois.

This was taken just moments after my plane took off from Chicago’s Midway Airport. At the time I was really bummed that we were flying so close to the accelerator that the bottom half of the ring extended just past the bottom edge of my window. In retrospect, I’ve grown to like this more for it’s graphic nature. One of the great powers of the human brain is it’s ability to fill in missing information. Hopefully, your brain is filling in the rest of the circle. :)

For those that don’t know, Fermi is one of the premier labs in the world, sending speeding atoms colliding into one another, hoping to answer some of the most profound questions in all of physics. Visit the Fermi Lab web site, and visit their FAQ page for more details.