Photo: Firehole Basin, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

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Picture: Steam rising from geothermal vent along the Firehole River, Firehole Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There’s a reason for posting this photo; except nobody has bothered to tell me what that might be.

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Photo: Road at Sunrise, Wells, Nevada

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Picture: Storm clouds at sunrise over lonely, empty two-lane desert highway, near Wells, Nevada.

Wise man says: The Road Ahead is merely the past for anyone traveling the opposite direction. Furthermore, an idiot standing in the middle of the road is either (a) lost, (b) confused, (c) waiting to be hit by a speeding vehicle, (d) all of the above, or (e) shooting stock photos.

Whenever I see photos like this, I always think about that movie that came out in the ’80′s – not sure of the title. Anyway, I never saw the movie, but I remember the trailer showing a bunch of kids playing chicken by laying in the middle of a road at night along the line when a truck zooms past. Sure enough, within a week, there was a news report about some kids getting killed by immitating the scene in the movie.

Full Disclosure: I actually did this once with some friends; kinda. We weren’t doing a dare, but we had stopped along Tioga Pass Road around 3:00Am, and were watching the stars. The only good spot to view through the trees was -of course – in the middle of the road. Fortunately, we picked a spot where we could see any oncoming headlights well before they would reach us.

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Would you like bad photos with your article?

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I stumbled across an internet discussion a few days back. It was very long-winded, so I won’t bother you with all the gory details. Sufficed to say it dealt with the differences between Travel Writers, Travel Photographers, and Travel Writers who are asked to supply photos with articles they write.

Most pro photographers aren’t awesome righters. In the same vein, most pro writers are usually pretty lousy photographers.

One photographer has penned an article to help all those writers know a little bit more about our craft. It’s called, A Dozen Truths Every Writer Needs to Know About Photography. It’s a tad bit dated as you’ll notice some references to film, but otherwise a good tidbit to pass on to any writer-wannabeephotographers you might know.

New Photo of the Month; September 2006

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Picture: Red tractor and rolled bales of hay in freshly cut farm field near Cambria, along the Central Coast, San Luis Obispo County, California

The thing I like about this photo, in addition to it’s seasonal appeal, is that it seems like it could be from almost any rural location. You just would never know by looking at this scene that the Pacific Ocean is just a few miles away.

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Thus ends summer

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In some crazy universe, our local school district decided to start school four days prior to Labor Day, then give the kids five more days off, so they attend classes for three days this week. So, what’s a Dad to do? I took off the last five days while the kids were home, did practically no work (photo-biz), but spent time cleaning the garage and taking the kids to WaterWorld.


To that end, here are a few things to make you smile as summer draws to a close. Record Store Cats really should have sounds, but I dig those heavy metal cats…

Some funny commercials, best suited for some of our older viewers since several are of a more adult subject matter; the hosting is dull, but the production value on the commercials is very high. My sick and twisted sense of humor was especially bemused by the condom commercial titled, “Mom”.

Ready for this?

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Well… it’s here. Getty’s Rights Ready licensing model, that is. According to a report at About the Image, Getty unvieled it’s new model with some slight modifications based on Photographer feedback. From my interpretation, it’s a step in the right direction, but even for the prices, a 10 year license is pretty lengthy. Three or five years would have been a more appropriate option. Oh, but then there’s an idea! Why not give the buyer an option of 1, 3, 5, or 10 years with a simple click of a radio button, and a scaled price to match the selection? “Oh, but that might be too tough for buyers”. Hogwash! Come On, Getty; if you’re gonna take the lead here, stride boldly into this new model of yours.

Odd how the acronym for Getty’s Riser Rights Ready is “GRRR”. That’s the exact sound I made when I saw the price for a 10 year unlimited Print Ad license.

Photo: “Flow” – Merced River in Spring, Yosemite

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Picture: Merced River flowing over rocks in Spring, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

I post this photo of rushing water today because I’ve been working on scans from 2003, 2004, & 2005 taken in Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. I consider myself to hold a somewhat Buddhist outlook on life, and take to heart the notion of sitting on a riverback, watching the water flow by. As a metaphor for a transcient existence and the passage of time, I sit here in awe that the summer has flown by as fast as it has. My kids start school on Monday, and it’s not even September. Sheesh; Get ready for the Christmas commercials that should be starting to show up in about six more weeks. Ugh. I need to go find myself a riverbank…

Photo: Fog at sunset along the Lost Coast

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Picture: Coastal fog at sunset along the rolling hills of the Lost Coast, Humboldt County, California

I just made a new scan of this image for possible use by a client, and thought this would be a good image to post today. Why? Well this last weekend I went for a family camping trip to the coast at Bodega Bay. It was just a couple day trip. I brought my camera, but it never came out of the bag; thus becoming a real honest-to-gosh vacation. You see, I spent the entire weekend under a blanket of fog, just like this. At one point, we saw a sliver of blue sky about a mile away to the east, but the fog never burned off enough for us to see anything but grey.

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Google-Nudes; Just the Bare natured facts…

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And in another newsworthy post: Yes, it’s true. Google wants photos of naked women. They want the fine-art nudes, the porno-nudes, and I’m sure they also want all of those freaky amateur nudes I’m told are scattered across the internet. More specifically, and of some concern, is that Google wants to have all such images stripped (haha – I made a pun!) of copyright protection so they can be included in their Google Images search engine. The most basic premise is that because of their relatively simple and often uncreative nature, these images, en masse, should not be subject to the same copyright protection that other ‘higher’ works enjoy. And without copyright protection, heck, Google could do anything they want with them, like further plastering them all across the Internet.

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Photo-Hunter Killer: Just the bear facts…

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Odd to come across a nature photographer who is also a hunter. Certainly not bizzare; just – unusual. But CNN reports on one such photographer who helped a country singer illegally kill a bear. Making this worse, said singer paid almost $5,000 for the tame black bear. The photographer then brought the bear to his property, where the singer shot the bear with a bow & arrow in cold blood. – Oh, that’s not the end; then the wacky pair made a video to make it look like the bear was shot in the wild. Gotta be some type of REAL MAN to buy a bear, kill it while captive, and then have to fake evidence to make it look like a legitimate hunting kill.

I say, give them both prison & fines, or the option of spending 5 minutes, unnarmed, in a pen with an angry female Alaskan Grizzly.