What you can and can’t do with my photos or text.

    1. You may provide a text link to any of the photos, text, or posts on this site.
    1. With limited exceptions, you may not hotlink, repost, or redistribute any of my images without specific permission.
    1. If you wish to quote a section of text, please limit any excerpts to one or two paragraphs at most. Posts or features may not be reproduced in their entirety without my permission.
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    I am working hard on finding a way so that my photos can be shared and distributed by bloggers and web sites. However, this will be a licensed use, requiring an appropriate use fee, credit line, link, and will be subject to restrictions. In the near future, I hope to set up an easy form to allow personal bloggers and business web sites access to many of the images on my site(s). In the meantime:

    Much of the legal info regarding my pictures and web site can be seen on the Copyright Page on my main web site.

    You can always ask about using my pictures by visiting the Stock Photo Request Form or by going to the Contact Page of the main web site.

    Legalsville Don’t get Busted! I know there are many many people who are out there surfing the web and thinking, “Hey, if it’s on the web, it’s free, and I can use it however I want”. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case. Somethings you can use, and somethings you can’t. My photographs are privately owned Intellectual Property, and protected by copyright laws. These laws are enforced by the United States, and a collection of nations under the World Intellectual Property Organiztion (WIPO), the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), and are designed to foster the pursuits of individual creativity. In short, they allow creators to soley control the rights to and to profit from their work, as well as restrict the rights of others to use, display, reproduce, or distribute those works without the permission of the author. In otherwords, don’t hate me because I try to make money from my photos. It’s how I feed, shelter, and take care of my family.

    Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

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