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I started this blog so that I can share with my visitors the small parts of the world I get to see with my camera. I also plan on using this blog to bring my readers feature photo and text travel stories, as well as shorter spotlight features on places to see and things to do. In my main site, I just don’t have a good venue for communicating many of the stories that go with my pictures. Now I can add a few more words to the “picture is worth 1000 words”, and take my visitors behind the scenes. Additionally, in the standard format of weblogs, I can also bring readers additional tidbits and items that interest me, catch my attention, or something I hope you might enjoy seeing or reading about.

I know blogs and blogging are raging forward at fad status. I had never considered operating a blog. For a very long time, blogging seemed to be more in the realm of teenagers and college students flocking to places like Myspace, an experience that reminded me of a chat room on steroids. Over the recent years, blogging has definitely become more mainstream, and many businesses and organizations are operating blogs. Nowdays, Tech and SEO firms, marketing gurus, and even C.E.O.’s are running blogs. Why all this sudden growth, you ask?

Surprisingly, the answer is the same reason I started this blog. It’s also the same reason the Internet is now such an entwined aspect of our lives. Communication. Combined with the recent advances in RSS and XML, services that bring information to readers, Blogs can naturally facilitate the ease of sharing information.


I don’t know much about weblogs… 

Why Subscribe to a weblog?

Imagine that you get a dozen newspapers delivered to your house every morning. Now, instead papers, those dozen are web sites, or weblogs. These sites and Blogs have something called RSS feeds, and instead of having to go visit all 12 sites or weblogs, you have a “magical web page” called a Newsreader. You can get free NewsReaders at a vareity of places, including Yahoo. (under “My Yahoo“) The Newsreader will collect just the headlines from all the different sites, deliver them to you in one place, and all you need to do is click on the headline you want to read, and you’ll be magically transported right to that site and story. If you want to see what a Newsreader looks like, I’ve made a small screen shot of mine (below), which I got from Yahoo.

How do I Subscribe?

Once you have a free newsreader, from Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN, or any of the other fun places, all you need to do is look for the ADD TO buttons that look something like . If you don’t see those buttons (like I have on the sidebar of my weblog, you can also look for a little symbol that links to the site’s RSS Feed, and looks like.   In most cases, it’s as simple to subscribe as a click of a button.

An Example of my Newsreader like those available from “My Yahoo”.

It really is easy, and I hope you’ll subscribe to my weblog.

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