What’s Ahead?

Picture: Driving into Shafer Canyon, Island in the Sky District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Image: Driving into Shafer Canyon, Island in the Sky District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

In my last two blog posts, I mentioned about my summer vacation through some of the west’s best National Parks, and how I ‘unplugged’ from the business of being a professional photographer on more than a month of family holiday travels. Now that I’m getting back into the work grove, a.k.a plugged back in, I thought I’d share some of what fun stuff lies ahead.

While I didn’t get to do much work for myself while on vacation, I was delighted to be able to enjoy the work of some other very talented fellow photographers, as well as getting to try out some new products. Over the course of the coming number of weeks, I’ll be sharing some reviews which I hope many other photographers will be able to enjoy and benefit from.

Also in the immediate and near future, I’ll be sharing some news about upcoming photo presentations and photo workshops.

I also have a really big photo I’m looking forward to sharing, along with some other nice images I was fortunate to capture on my photo-limited travels.

Finally, I’m also dipping my little toe into the black abyss known as time lapse & video. The next Robert Redford, you ask? Um, no; not hardly. Mainly I’m just learning how to press the ‘Record’ button, or use my camera’s built-in intervalometer. Don’t expect to see too much, as this is more of a side-dabbling, yet I hope every so often to have something worthy of sharing.

Btw – have you ever seen a video that’s been hand-held while driving down a 4WD dirt road? I can tell you that it accurately and visually captures every single little bump *shake* bump *shake* bump *shake* in the road.

Stay tuned… the wheels are turning. Perhaps I may even find an exciting side-roads to venture down.

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One Comment on “What’s Ahead?”

  1. Alistair Nicol Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures. And yes, I have a video of making that descent with my wife and kids exclaiming at each turn. 🙂

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