The Great Northwest Trip 2013

Picture: Sunset and god beams from the rim of Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Image: Sunset and god beams from the rim of Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

In my last blog post of nearly four weeks ago, I mentioned that I was turning off and moving on, all whilst posting an image of Mount Rainier that I’d taken back in 1993. I wrote that post as I was getting ready to head out the door on a family vacation, from which I have now returned.

I posted the image of Mount Rainier knowing I’d soon be getting a chance to revisit the mountain. Even after having done seven back-to-back books on California since my son was born in 1999, I struggle to believe it’s been 20 years since I visited this part the Pacific Northwest. Finally, I was going back! I also got to check off a couple photographic bucket list locations, including Washington State’s Palouse region, and the biggie, Glacier National Park; very surprisingly one of the few places in the contiguous US that I’ve never visited in my life, especially as a photographer.

While this was certainly a great trip, and a much needed chance to step away from the computer and the modern “connected” life, this was primarily a family trip vs. a photography trip. I suppose that’s a good thing also, as there were several things which kept reigning in my photography desires. Some of these things included endless amounts of boring blue skies while the western US sat under an intense high pressure system, road closures, impatient or uninterested family members (the non-photographer types), and watching my new D800 camera die a sudden ERR(or) death.

So the basic rundown of the trip:

20-days, (1) Family Reunion, (5) National Parks, including Crater Lake, Rainier, Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons, and 3,945 miles. My wife was with us, along with my Sister-in-Law and her family, for the first ten days as we traveled to Couer d’Laine, ID for the reunion (wife’s side of the family). My wife then flew back home to the Bay Area as my two kids and I finished off the rest of the trip camping in Montana and Wyoming.

I’ll be sharing more images and stories from my vacation here on the blog in the near future, but I’ll also (and more frequently) be sharing on my Facebook & G+ pages, so please feel free to keep an eye out or follow me there also.

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One Comment on “The Great Northwest Trip 2013”

  1. Greg Russell Says:

    Whew…those miles make my head spin! We were in the Tetons for a week at the end of August, but with less than a week and a five-year-old, we flew, which is something we rarely do. When the kid gets older I’ll be able to indulge in a good old-fashioned road trip.

    Beautiful image! Can’t wait to see more, Gary.


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