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Picture: Striated sandstone reflected in seasonal pool of water at The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

Image: Striated sandstone reflected in seasonal pool of water at The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

I’m delighted to announce that my photography as been included in a feature article in the current issue of Extraordinary Vision Magazine. Called the definitive outdoor digital photography magazine, this e-pub is a dedicated ipad exclusive, so you’ll need one of those devices to access the publication. If you own an ipad, you can download a free copy of the e-mag. through the iTunes store.

My article, which stems from an interview conducted by publisher Angelo Loanides, and deals with personal vision and creating dramatic landscape photos. I hope you ipad owners out there will enjoy the article and publication. And be sure to tell your ipad-owning friends about this great e-mag as well.

This also makes a good follow-up on my last post, which dealt with photographers flocking into now crowded iconic locations, all seemingly chasing the same photo. The location where this image was taken is an extremely fragile, remote location, and the area is equally extremely limited in terms of the access that visitors are granted. Only a small number of permits are handed out on a daily basis, and most of those are reserved well in advance via a lottery system. While many photographers seek out a few of the known and ‘popular’ photo compositions, one being The Second Wave, this small area offers a great challenge and many opportunities for photographers who are looking to break the mold, and bring home something more than the standard postcard compositions. I have a few of those standard compositions myself, but by far, my favorite is the image above, which to me represents a unique personal vision of a very special place.

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2 Comments on “Extraordinary Vision”

  1. Richard Harrison Says:

    So Gary if you happen to have any tips on just how to get lucky on one of those permits, we’re all ears. In the interim I’m all eyes. This is a wonderful composition that I’m drawn right into. Hope to get to the Vermillion cliffs some time next several months. I’ll do my best to follow your advice – and in your footsteps.

    Alas, about the only piece of Apple equipment I lack is an iPad. Not sure if this is sufficient reason to go buy one but you never know. 🙂

  2. Terry Shapiro Says:

    To answer the question from Richard, I’ve been to the ‘Wave’ twice. Once was in February, 2011 and once March of 2011. The weather was nicer than you expect. The February trip I was there the day before and got the permit for the following day. There were only a few other people trying to get a permit. The March trip I was lucky. I was checking the permit calander on March 1st at ipm and a couple of openings popped up. More than likely cancelations. I’m pretty sure on the first of each month they post if there are openings. Check the Kanab BLM station to find out at what time the do the posting. I think it’s 1pm there time. Try for the winter months. Sometimes when it’s snowing in Kanab, the weather at Paria is totally different. Good Luck

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