My What Big Eyes You Have

Picture: SomekindaSpider… ID help appreciated.


A few weeks ago I found this beautiful spider living in my oregano plants. I was trimming the plant when ‘she’ scurried out and came to rest on the raised wood bed liner. I’m not a spider lover or spider hater. The only spiders I kill are the Black Widows that decide to set up house in areas of the yard the kids use or where we reach for things. Fortunately the Widows have a instantly recognizable web.

But back to this girl, I thought she needed to be seen, so I called my kids to come take a look. While they were watching her, I grabbed my 50mm macro lens, coaxed her onto a stick, hand-holding as I took shots just a couple inches from her face. I could tell she wasn’t thrilled by having this giant cycloptic eye (lens) dominating her field of vision. Fortunately, she was a willing enough model for a few moments while I snapped off a dozen or so frames.

If there are any arachnid fans out there, I would really love to know what kind of spider this is. Any help in getting a proper ID would be most gratefully appreciated. Here’s a little better look at her thorax.


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11 Comments on “My What Big Eyes You Have”

  1. Erik Kerstenbeck Says:


    Wonderful macro of this beastly spider – no idea what type

    Cheers, Erik

  2. A.Barlow Says:

    What a beautiful image! Really lucky it held still for ya, they are kinda skittish. When you got close to it did it wave its front legs at you?

    This is called a Bold Jumping Spider. 🙂 Some have been known to jump 40-50 times their body length!

    And yeah, they have awesome eye site. Just like you and me it’s stereoscopic vision.

  3. Greg Russell Says:

    Who says beasties don’t live in our gardens?!? Gorgeous images, Gary.

  4. Garry McCarthy Says:

    Beautiful shots, Gary! Jumping spiders are very cool; they have a lot of personality (for a spider, anyway).

  5. Mark Says:

    I was going to say metaphid jumping spider, perhaps the same as a “Bold Jumping Spider” – not sure. Have photographed these a few times around my house – for a spider, they sure do have a lot of character.

  6. Daniel Says:

    Love the picture!

  7. Pat Ulrich Says:

    Really cool shots of this interesting subject. It’s fascinating to me how their eyes are placed, and how they are different sizes. I’d be curious to know how that affects how they see.

  8. Steve Shuey Says:

    Daring or Bold Jumping Spider; Phidippus audax

  9. David Leland Hyde Says:

    Does anyone know if those are four eyes or two? Intriguing photographs.

  10. Charles De Lettre Says:

    Just in time for The Green Hornet promotion, ha. I really don’t know what kind of tarantula it is, but I know I don’t want to be around it close up. ha. Gary, is it now a pet? Nice hi def. shot. Looks like a National Geo. pix.

  11. Rief Lee Says:

    Bold jumping spider it is, and they are amazing! Jump increadible distances and are just tough litte spiders. Great images!

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