Sunset at Alamere Falls

Picture: Sunset light on Alamere Falls, Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, California

This post celebrates the premier of the new weblog format. I’ve done my best to integrate the weblog design with my new web site design created by Don Giannatti. It’s rare that I’ll pat myself on the back. It was a real wrestling match between my addled and mildy mis-wired brain and the WordPress CSS code. Still, I’m quite enjoying that I actually was able to do as much as I did. One thing I wanted to do was show larger pictures. Previously I could only post a 450 pixel wide image. Now I’ve made it so I can post an image that’s 750 pixels wide, like the one above. I hope you enjoy viewing the larger images.

Following more than twenty one days of rain in March, my buddy Michael and I took off for a couple days shooting in Point Reyes National Seashore. I wanted to get a shot of this waterfall at sunset, so we watched the weather anxiously as a new storm system started drifting down from the Northwest.

Our adventure started at the Palomarin trailhead as we began the 4.5+ mile hike at just after 4:00pm. The trail ends with a fairly steep scramble down an eroded hillside, followed by a leap across Alamere Creek, which takes you to the top of the falls. From there, it’s an even steeper climb down a broken and loose shale cliff to get to the beach, The climb down was doable, but might be considered a bit too difficult for the average tourist. I was lucky to get a small break in the clouds for a little sunset light before the sun was swallowed up for the evening. We began our return hike about 7:30pm. By the time we got back to our cars, we had no chance of finding any open restaurants serving dinner. Trust me when I say a can of cold beefaroni can taste as good as a 5-star meal.

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7 Comments on “Sunset at Alamere Falls”

  1. Younes Bounhar Says:

    This is fantastic image that was certainly worth the hike and the cold can of beefaroni :). The fall looks quite impressive and must be quite a sight in person.
    Again, congrats on your superb new design.

  2. Ron Rothbart Says:

    Been there many times. At first, the steep scramble seems a little daunting, but you get used to it. Smart move to leap across the stream to get this angle for your shot. You must have done all that carrying your tripod and whatever other equipment you had. That must be challenging; I’ve never done that, but now I’ll have to try it sometime.

  3. Eugene Cheng Says:

    Congratulations on the new look. I love it! Looking forward to more new posts.

  4. Mark Williamson Says:

    Site looks great. I love the black for the background of the images. I look forward to continuing to follow it.

  5. John Wall Says:

    Great shot, Gary, and the wider format is a big improvement. I thought you kept your images small before because of worries about people snagging ’em off the web. The text size is just right, too. Beautiful shot of Alamere Falls. I’m surprised there wasn’t anything open in Bolinas or Stinson Beach.

  6. Greg Russell Says:

    The site looks great, Gary, and I appreciate seeing the images larger!

    Beautiful image. I had never heard of these falls before, and think they’re beautiful…

  7. Mark Says:

    Looks great Gary. Congrats on getting it integrated, not an easy task!

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