Another Sierra Panoramic

Picture: Panorama overlooking the Emigrant Wilderness at sunset near Sonora Pass, Tuolumne County, California

Picture: Panorama overlooking the Emigrant Wilderness at sunset near Sonora Pass, Tuolumne County, California

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This is another of the images taken from my recent trip to the Sonora Pass region of the Sierra Nevada. My buddy who was with me is a big panoramic shooter, and at his urging, I’ve started messing around creating a few pano images using the PhotoMerge feature in Photoshop. Unfortunately I’m still quite new at this, and at the angst of my friend who is quite versed in this format, I still haven’t yet invested in a dedicated pano head for my tripod. If I feel I’m being more successful at capturing good panos, that piece of equipment will soon appear near the top of my shopping list.

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4 Comments on “Another Sierra Panoramic”

  1. QT Luong Says:

    Pano heads are not useful for subjects, such as the one in this blog, with no foregrounds. Also a two-axis pano head is quite cumbersome, but a one-axis head if not very effective if you do not have an assortment of lenses with shift capacity.

  2. John Wall Says:

    QT sort of responded to my comment, which was going to be along the lines of “what does a pano head do?” Also, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”! Your pano looks fine to me. I’m no expert either, though. I recently figured out the nodal point for a couple of lenses I use for pano’s (using a single-axis focusing rail), only to be surprised at there being no difference when I used the nodal points. I seem to get more bang for my buck by doing more overlap — more like 25-30% rather than 50% — than doing the nodal point. More experimentation is needed, though.

  3. Greg Russell Says:

    This is a gorgeous image, Gary! I really love the light kissing the tops of the peaks…my favorite time of day.

    I agree with QT–you don’t really need a pano head for images like this. Its just that when you have things in front of you (say 10-15 feet with a wide angle), you can get parallax distortion without a pano head.

    Just think of it as less stuff you have to carry! 😉

  4. Richard Wong Says:

    You are on a roll Gary. Great stuff.

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