The Decade in Pictures

Every so often I feel it’s important to pass along other great and important photo links, and numerous times of late, that has been thanks to the Boston Globe’s Big Picture. This time they’ve put together a collection of “The Decade in News Photos.” It’s 50 images; 49 compelling and remarkable images, and (scratching head) one picture of Paris Hilton. Serioulsy – one gaping flaw, as a commenter noted, is that they chose to include Paris Hilton, but Michael Phelps & Michael Jackson are surprisingly absent.

Otherwise, it’s still worth a visit. My favorite image – as it didn’t involve any depressing or tragic news, was the image of the Opening Ceremony at the 2008 Summer Olympics. And in a game of “Where’s Waldo?” – there is one person obviously out of proper formation from all the others, and it doesn’t involve how far back or forward they’re leaning. Can you find him?

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  1. Alan Majchrowicz Says:

    Is it the guy in the upper left corner, he’s the only one looking in a different direction. This selection sure is bent on showing dead bodies, however I’d rather look at them than Paris Hilton any day.

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