Grand Canyon – New Image Gallery

Picture: Canyon walls in evening light from Point Sublime, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Another new image gallery has been posted on to my web site. Given the title of this post, and the photo immediately above, I guess it won’t come as any surprise when I announce that this new image gallery is filled with pictures of the Grand Canyon National Park. It’s as comprehensive as my coverage gets right now, but there are still a number of other areas of the park that I’m anxious to explore and photograph. No, one of them is NOT the newly built tribal skywalk. While I greatly respect Native American tribes taking some commercial advantage to regain a sense of pride, place, and status that had been stripped from them years ago, it turns out that they won’t allow any cameras there, not even cell phone cameras. From a photographers perspective, what’s the point?

I long for the quiet, can’t see another tourist for miles type of solitude that the canyon can provide. That’s exactly what I experienced at the place above, when a friend and I had all of Point Sublime all to ourselves.

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4 Comments on “Grand Canyon – New Image Gallery”

  1. QT Luong Says:

    Skywalk: yes, I think they allowed Getty photographers prior to the opening, and that was it. Admission is pretty expensive, so I’ll also save my money and time.

  2. Richard Wong Says:

    You’ve definitely put in time at the Rim Gary. Any chance of heading down to the bottom?

  3. Brenda Tharp Says:

    Nice image, Gary! Makes me jealous – I want to hit the road again and soon!

  4. Andrew Gould Says:

    Beautifully crafted image, Gary, as are all on your website, which has led me here.

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