Mega-Whoops! Target off by more than two miles

Picture: Tourist family photos being taken by mom while kids stand at the center of the Four Corners Monument, on the Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado borders.

Four Corners Monument

I just heard this on the news… It could only have happened in the days before GPS. Yes, I’ve been there. Yes, I now feel ripped off and disappointed.

Apparently, the Four Corners Monument ISN’T on the border of the four states as everyone had thought. The Arizona Daily Star is now reporting the marker is “misplaced” by 2.5 miles. Doh!

But we must consider, like an April Fools Day Joke, that today is April 20th, or as it’s more commonly known by the youth and aging hippies, 420 day. 420 refers to Marijuana. Perhaps the people that were calculating where the marker should be were a little, um… stoned?

Anyway, talk about a major Faux Paux. That’s like carving a fifth face on Mount Rushmore, only to find out on unveiling day that the workers carved Robert Kennedy, and not John F. Kennedy. – Whoops.

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2 Comments on “Mega-Whoops! Target off by more than two miles”

  1. david sanger Says:

    Nothing to do with GPS, and not really news. The monument is at the right place, where the four states actually meet.

    But the “Darling Survey” of 1868 set Colorado’s border a bit further south than planned and that was later upheld by the US Supreme Court as the real border.

    AND..the western border of New Mexico set in 1863 was set with reference to Washington DC rather than Greenwich meridian

  2. enlightphoto Says:

    Thanks for the comment David. To be filed under the NOT REALL Y NEWS department, check out this video from MSNBC:

    Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

    FWIW – I agree, treu or not, or worthy of the National Enquirer, I just thought it was funny… 🙂


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