A little self promotion – 20 questions

Photo: Taking a photo; Three young women riding horses on the sand at Oceano State Beach, Oceano, California

Girls riding horses on beach

Like the girl in the photo seems to be doing, every once in awhile, you need to put yourself front and center. So allow me to do a little self promotion, and invite you to read an interview with me that was done by Rhonda Callow at BrightHub. I hope you’ll get a chance to take a look at the interview, which does include some photos as well. And I hope you’ll also allow me to say a public “Thank you” to Rhonda for the opportunity to answer her questions.

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5 Comments on “A little self promotion – 20 questions”

  1. Ron Niebrugge Says:

    Hey Gary,

    Cool interview. By the way, I don’t remember seeing Victoria Secrets on your list of photo credits before, I want to hear / see more about that!


  2. Guy Says:

    Great interview, Gary! Your description of being alone in nature really hit home for me.


  3. Laurent Says:

    Great interview, Gary!

  4. Yolanda Says:

    I love looking at your galleries and I’m hoping to learn more from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! This interview was great!

  5. Richard Wong Says:

    Yo Gary. I liked your choices for favorite images. That cow picture was something that caught my eye when I first saw your work!

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