Dawn of a New Day

Footsteps in Sand Dunes Photo: Footsteps leading forward in sand dune at sunrise – at the dawn of a new day, Algodones Dunes Wilderness, Imperial County, California. I know I’ve posted this photo before, but it seems fitting today.

You know from reading this blog that I don’t involve myself in political discussions. And today, that’s no different. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. Last night, I heard glass breaking. Did you hear it?

I’ll admit to being emotionally overwhelmed last night, but not so much for the man himself, or the office that he won. Rather, watching and listening to Obama’s acceptance speech was history, and big history at that. The textbook kind that get chapters, not footnotes. As one newscaster aptly put it, for our country, and as much for the world, as the world sees America, this was big. Man on the moon, big. Wall falling in Berlin, big. Mandela in S. Africa, big. It was the realization of what the framers of our constitution would have envisioned, something which countless members of our military have defended, and the ultimate expression of the American dream; that anyone can achieve anything.

The glass ceiling has officially been shattered, and being witness to that was an honor to being on the journey of Life. No matter which side of the fence you are on, America’s Democracy has given herself the chance to put a new face on how we are perceived throughout the world. Let’s hope this chance is used wisely.

Again, bigger than a man or a job, watching Obama’s speech was like the line from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the bad guy tells Indiana Jones something like:

(Laying hands on the Ark) “We spend our lives passing through history. But this, …this IS History.”

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5 Comments on “Dawn of a New Day”

  1. Ron Niebrugge Says:

    It was certainly a significant, historical moment in our history.

  2. Peter T. Says:

    Agree, it was a historic moment, but I strongly disagree that “the glass ceiling has officially been shattered.”

    IMHO, until Americans decide that a woman is as qualified to be President of the United States as a man, the glass ceiling is still firmly intact.

  3. enlightphoto Says:


    Fair comment, and we can agree to disagree if needed.

    My point was that the ceiling being shattered now is that we’ve finally moved to a point where as a culture, we can envision anyone becoming President. It’s a matter of what new heights can be reached now that this ceiling has been broken, whether that’s a woman, Hispanic, Asian-American, or Native American. I think it’s now just a matter of time until the right woman comes forward and gets herself elected. I’m mainly just delighted that the ‘unspoken’ requirement of being a white male has been removed from the job description.


  4. Peter T. Says:

    Hi Gary:

    I agree with your overall sentiment about the Obama’s achievement but I feel that you were just overstating it a bit with your comment about the glass ceiling being shattered.

    Personally, I think the “right woman” did come forward this election and yet she was still snubbed by the more progressive major political party of the U.S. for a less experienced male candidate. Be that as it may, I congratulate Obama and all of his ardent supporters for a campaign well fought and won.

    It was truly a historic victory and a watershed moment in U.S. history.

    – Peter

  5. Richard Wong Says:

    I agree Gary. I felt very proud last night for the fact that enough people were able to look past the skin color. Things will never be perfect but even when I was growing up there was no way i ever imagined a minority would win the election. Never crossed my mind.

    No matter what happens in the next four years, this should be considered one of the most significant moments in this country’s history.

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