Photo: Let it rain

Picture: Dark gray rain storm clouds at sunset over free open range lands, Wyoming.


Here in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, I often explain to our out of state visitors that we really only have two seasons; Wet & Dry. When the rain stops in late spring or early summer, it is highly unusual to see any form of “real” weather for months. This weekend marks the first time since last April or May that we had any rain. A good solid series of rain showers are passing through the Bay Area this weekend, giving us our first good washing of the ‘wet’ season. The smell of rain in the air has been a pure delight.

Two things always amaze me during this transition of seasons. First is how the News stations all burst into STORM coverage, like there isn’t any more important news going on. Secondly, that there are so many drivers that seem unable to remember that driving in rain requires more attention to safety. It’s like their brains get wiped clean, and this is the first time they’ve ever driven on a wet road. You’d think there would be a better explanation for that surprised look on their face when the car spins out or skids uncontrollably into another car. – Well, at least this gives all those weather and traffic reporters a chance to earn their keep.

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  1. Richard Wong Says:

    It rained hard for a few minutes at a time down here too Gary. Unfortunately for us in most years our seasons are defined by hot and moderate.

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