Rules for Photoing voting

Thanks to a recent thread in a newsgroup forum, I found this very useful link about State Laws and Guidelines for photography or videography of voters, voting, and polling places. Please note the disclaimer on the web site saying that the information is not meant to be interpreted as legal advice. If you are interested in taking a camera with you to vote, you should do your own advance legwork so you know what the rules or laws are, and if you need special permission(s).

Center for Citizen Media.

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3 Comments on “Rules for Photoing voting”

  1. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Great resource Gary. I learned about the California restrictions from a neighbor, who runs a voting center down the street from me, last year what the restrictions are. I was surprised to learn how strict the law is here in California.

  2. Ron Says:

    From what was written, it states:
    “No person shall, with the intent of dissuading another person from voting, ”

    So, in my mind, photography would not be illegal if your intent is for STOCK or Art. It’s only illegal if the intent is to dissuade others from voting.

    Now, how does one determine the intent of others?

  3. enlightphoto Says:

    “Now, how does one determine the intent of others?”

    “- ‘cuz I said so.”

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