Photo: Touched by light

Sunlight on Church steeple in Ferndale, CaliforniaPicture: Sunlit church steeple at sunrise, Ferndale, Humboldt County, California

One of the things that makes for a good dramatic photo is contrast. Lights against darks, and warm colors against cool colors. Here, the church was lit by sunrise light that came through a hole in a thick blanket of coastal fog that had settled in over the Victorian town of Ferndale and the Eel River Valley.

I love this type of light, and I’ve seen it before. In fact, one of my favorite images taken while shooting for my book, Backroads of the California Wine Country, had this same special quality of light.

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4 Comments on “Photo: Touched by light”

  1. Richard Wong Says:

    Nice shot Gary. Must be nice there at sunrise since no one is out. I drove through downtown during midday when it was crowded and didn’t feel all that comfortable as if people were looking at me.

  2. enlightphoto Says:


    How opposite we are w/ norcal & socal. I went to school in humboldt and know how to get that look on – ya just need to look like you’ve spent a week sleeping in a vehicle. 🙂

  3. Richard Wong Says:

    We each have our own calling in life Gary. Mine just doesn’t happen to involve nearly getting my ass kicked by jealous boyfriends on sunny beaches. 🙂

  4. Laurent Says:

    Nice image, Gary. I love this quality of light too. It happens so rarely here in SoAZ, usually only during storms. But that fleeting dark sky with something lit softly up front. Yeah, that’s good light.

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