Happy Accidents

Picture: If I put a caption here, you’d know what this is.

Native plants at Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, California

In the mode of continuing to show images from my recent trips; I don’t consider myself an ‘artist’. A number of years ago, I played around with running a few pictures through Photoshop Filter upon Photoshop Filter. I messed around with about a half-dozen images, and never really got into it. However, while recently processing this image, I accidently hit a wrong keyboard shotcut command. Instead of adjusting the image size, I accidently Inverted the colors. Had I been shooting on negative film like we used to have processed at the local drug store, this is what I would have gotten back on the strip of film cut neatly into 5 frame lengths in the back of your photo order envelope. Personally I like this ‘artistic’ version better than the true-color version. Can you guess what the real picture looks like based on what you see here?

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  1. Richard Wong Says:

    Looks like some mojave yucca or something like that. I’m guessing from San Diego?

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