Photo: Cape Mendocino Lighthouse

Picture of Cape Mendocino Lighthouse Picture: Owl perched on top of Cape Mendocino Lighthouse, and crescent moon in evening light, Shelter Cove, on the Lost Coast, Humboldt County, California

This is my “light at the end of the tunnel” photo, in regards to my current book project. This weekend I uploaded my collection of images for the publisher to begin the editing phase. This also happens to be one of my favorite photos I’ve taken over this last year.

I had been shooting sunset in Shelter Cove, and had pulled into the parking area in front of the lighthouse to cook dinner. No sooner had I pulled up than I knew dinner would have to wait. In front of me was this beautiful evening sky with a crescent moon hanging over the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. I got my gear out of my truck, and proceeded to shoot away until I knew I had a few images I was happy with. Just as I finished packing up my camera and started walking back to my truck, an owl landed right on top of the pole that sits at the point of the lighthouse roof. Quietly, and carefully, I dig back out all of my gear from the camera bag, re-extend the tripod, and commenced to re-shoot everything I’d just shot, but now with an owl. I was able to get off about 7 frames, and of those, the owl stayed relatively still enough during the long time exposure to remain recognizable.

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3 Comments on “Photo: Cape Mendocino Lighthouse”

  1. Jim Goldstein Says:

    That is exceptionally cool Gary. Such scenarios are always so rewarding. Beautiful exposure!

  2. Richard Wong Says:

    Great shot Gary. This is going to be a classic lighthouse shot. I was wondering when you were going to post this.

    You should post the old men playing poker at that diner also.

  3. Michael E. Gordon Says:

    Beautiful photograph, Gary, although the postage-stamp size really isn’t cutting it for me 😉

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