Huh? Whaddya Say? Speak Up!

Jet landing at LAXPicture: FAA Saftey Crews working on runway approach lights below a jet airplane landing at LAX, Los Angeles, California

I had mentioned previously regarding my recent Southern California Coast trip, that some of my favorite images taken over the nine days were some of the very last one’s I took. Furthermore, they had nothing to do with my current book project, or what I had traveled that far to photograph. I was lucky to catch this crew at work while enroute back home to the Bay Area.

I’m an armchair pilot. I studied and passed ground school before I had a Drivers License. I never got behind the wheel (called a yoke) except for about five minutes while flying Barbara Rowell’s Cessna T206 to during a flight to Bishop, California. She was trying to deal with one of the most dangerous things a small plane pilot can do; fumble with a map. I suppose I can’t get her in trouble now for admitting that she (a non-instructor) let me control the aircraft.

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  1. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Ok this most certainly is me, but the guy on the left looks like he’s wearing Rabbi garb. I think my imagination is getting the better of me :) So when do you take up flying lessons?

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