Must have more gas for my Hummer

Hummer SUV Picture: “Drill Now” oil banner hanging from front porch of affluent home with a Hummer SUV parked in front, Corona Del Mar, Southern California

On my recent trip to Southern California, I came across this scene while in the Newport Beach / Corona del Mar area. Frankly, sometimes I just don’t get the SOCAL mindset. I really can’t think of anything more to say, other than the photo seems to speak for itself.

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9 Comments on “Must have more gas for my Hummer”

  1. Richard Says:

    It’s not really a SoCal mindset Gary, it is the rich OC, republican mindset you see here. Certain places in So Cal are dominated by republican and those are typically the towns that are affluent.

  2. Ron Says:

    Richard said: “Certain places in So Cal are dominated by republican and those are typically the towns that are affluent.”

    Hmmm, You think there might be a connection between the two? I’m sure this is a pattern across america.

  3. Michael Gordon Says:

    I love it, Gary. You weren’t lying!

    I’m with Richard: it’s not a SoCal mindset; it’s the mindset of the arrogant, greedy, and rich. I know on what street you made this photograph; I’ll go take care of that vehicle and its owners…. 🙂

  4. Richard Says:

    lol, great shot btw. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who own this house are the same ones that threaten to fine photographers on the beach.

  5. enlightphoto Says:

    OK, maybe SOCAL is too broad a brush stroke from this NORCAL boy. Then again, I don’t eat granola. Let’s say, the Hollywood, L.A., OC part of SoCal lifestyle – where peoples acquisition of things seems to define who someone “is”.

  6. Peter T. Says:

    Oh please Gary! It’s just as bad up here in the Bay Area too. Our roads and freeways also are filled with Hummers and other gas guzzling SUVs and trucks.

    In fact, I find it quite ironic when I see someone driving a large gas hog SUV like a Lexus LX with an Obama sticker on their bumper. Talk about sending an inconsistent message!

    Still, that was a great shot. It should sell well for editorial use.

  7. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Actually I vote for being even more specific… it is very much an Orange County mentality. It’s not just oil either. I’ve been in line at a fast food restaurant in Orange County witnessing a large family pouring out of a huge SUV and the kids standing in line talking about plastic surgery. These were 8 year olds by the way. Culturally it is so far removed from other areas of California and the United States. In regard to oil drilling it clearly is not isolated to SoCal. People don’t want to give up their gas guzzling lifestyles.

  8. Richard Says:

    I have a confession to make. I live in the same town as David Dreier. Who has a 0 LCV score in Congress.

  9. Ron Niebrugge Says:

    That is classic!

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