Spammed to death

Photo: Cow skull in window sill as western living decor, Valley of the Gods Bed & Breakfast Inn, Valley of the Gods, Utah.

It finally happened. I threw up my hands in surrender, and labeled myself, “Spammed to Death”. I ranted back in Feburary about how I was getting 200 spam emails a day. I had tried moving my email filter settings to “Challenge”, but several people mentioned, and I agreed, that challenging clients on their first communication is not good for business. But recently, I’ve grown to between 300 & 400 spam messages a day. It was too much, and not how I wanted to waste anymore of my life.

If you send an email to me now, and are not on my approved white list of email addresses, you will get an automated challenge to manually confirm your email address. I simply had to do it. I would rather lose a client, than waste anymore time dealing with mountains of life-sucking spam. I can just hope that most people will understand and not feel to bothered or put off by replying to an automated email. I know that when I’ve gotten them, I personally have never felt any ill feelings about confirming my own legitimacy. It’s all part of our brave new world.

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One Comment on “Spammed to death”

  1. Nelcha Says:

    I totally understand your position and feelings.
    It is indeed sad that it has come to this,
    and I agree with you that SPAM is wasting too much of our time.
    I applaud you for taking this step, and hope that
    many others of us will do the same.
    Maybe you can spread the word and let us know
    how you set up the email confirmation system?
    As nature photographers or just trying to BE a human
    being spending our time doing things of worth,
    computers seem to have become a necessary evil
    but SPAM is not….. Kudos!

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