Photo: Spring on the Big Sur Coast

Picture: Lupines at sunset on green grass hilltop along the Big Sur Coast, Monterey County, California

This beautiful image belies the economic troubles happening several thousand feet below. In relation to my last post, “The Price of Your Passions“, this serene scene could be considered quite costly by some if you hadn’t planned correctly. Yesterday, after leaving the place where this picture was taken, I passed through the hamlet of Gorda, where the cheapest gas was $5.39 per gallon. For some odd reason, the perspective shift was enough to make me feel much less troubled when I pulled into the town of Cambria to fill up at a cheap $4.19 a gallon.

Perspective; use it or lose it.

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2 Comments on “Photo: Spring on the Big Sur Coast”

  1. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Stunning view Gary. I hope you got a photo of the sign at the gas station charging $5.39/gallon. That would certainly open the eyes of many people.

  2. John Wall Says:

    Beautiful shot and excellent find. I thought I’d gotten hosed for $3.99, but luckily that fill-up got me through the whole Big Sur coast (only had time to drive straight through). I’ve been thinking about making fuel costs an actual budget item in my expenses because it’s not really trivial anymore — and I seem to want to get out there more than ever these days…. I like being an amateur photographer and just shooting what I want, when I want to, but sometimes I think I should find a less expensive hobby!

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