Come and get me NFL Copyright Police

You should all know I’m a very vocal advocate for intellectual property rights. I’m also very much against big mega-corporate conglomerates that use gorilla tactics to to assert ownership over something they don’t own or can’t control.


Let’s take the NFL for example: Yesterday I watched the game with my wife and kids. Late in the game, the legal copyright disclaimer is read by the announcer. You know the one that goes, “Today’s game is copyright by the NFL….”. Frankly, it’s fine that they assert control over the use and distribution of any images taken during the game. However, they then try to include that any descriptions of the game are also copyrighted and strictly prohibited. That get’s my feathers ruffled. If I describe the game to you, I’ve violated their copyright how?

Yesterday’s NFL Championship Superbowl between the Patriots and the NY Giants was played out over the course of four fifteen minute quarters, was a defensive game from the outset, and ended with a stunning upset following a touchdown by the NY Giants with only 35 seconds left on the clock. People flooded the field when the clock hit one second left and began to celebrate. The refs ordered everyone off the field so the teams could do  one last play and officially end the game.

 There. I described it.

So Sue Me.

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2 Comments on “Come and get me NFL Copyright Police”

  1. Sean McCarty Says:

    Thanks Gary! I didn’t see the game at all.

  2. Richard Wong Says:

    That’s funny Gary. Didn’t you know that the NFL copyrighted the 1st amendment?

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