Crashed and burned on the end of the Runway

Picture: Stunt plane in spinning free fall maneuver.

Just over a week ago I posted a blog entry that showed an airplane that had run off the side of a runway. I used that image to tie in an analogy of some computer crashes I’d been experiencing. I also include comments regarding my experience with Microsoft Tech Support. Well a few days after that post, my computer started having the same problem again. This time, my call to Microsoft support had none of the good kharma from my first experience. In fact, within hours, I went, and watched, as my machine went from perfectly functioning to absolute dead as a doorknob. Yes, it was the ultimate crash that left my machine like a smoking wreck at the end of the runway.

So this week has been spent computer shopping. My last machine carried me for a good number of years and through several upgrades. My new machine is a screaming beast, and I’m happy to have it. But the process of watching a $2,000.00 expenditure racing toward you like a plane in free fall, especially a week before taxes are due, is a painful processes. The only blessing in this whole adventure was that I didn’t loose any data, but I am having to rebuild my system from scratch. That’s a small price to pay for still having all of my data and image files intact.

Always Back-up your data! 

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2 Comments on “Crashed and burned on the end of the Runway”

  1. Peter T. Says:

    But wouldn’t your photos preferred a Mac?


  2. Ron Says:

    I experienced this last August but knowing that my dual AMD cpu machine lasted for 3 years without begging for a replacement due to speed comforted me a bit. After research I found a great place to build me a new machine that I hope will last another 3 years. The carcass of the old one still sits on my back porch reminding me of the frailty of these things we rely on so much.

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