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Picture: Moonrise in evening over road through vineyards in the Carneros Region, Napa Valley Wine Country, Napa County, California

I’d like to announce the start of a new promotional partnership. Regular readers will know that I have had ‘issues’ with keywording. Over the course of this last year, I began a vendor relationship with a company that had solicited me with their keywording services. My own experience with keywording was such that I’d almost prefer undergoing dental surgery than face the mountain of images awaiting my attention and time.

I’ve worked closely with this company based in India, Shruti Software. One of the main reasons I chose to work with them is that they used the same keywording software that I use, Image Info Toolkit, making this an easy integration choice into my own workflow. They in turn have worked hard to meet my expectations for quality and service.

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve agreed with them to post an ad for their services on my weblog home page, and post several samples of their work each month. In exchange, I get a small credit toward the total number of images I have them keyword on a monthly basis. In turn, I’ve been able to get them to offer readers of my blog a special offer 25% discount on a first order, by using the special code, “BINGO”. I get no further compensation; regardless of how many people accept their offer, or if a photographer submits 20 images or 20,000 images.

To that end, you can see the keywords they’ve done for this image:

above; agriculture; ahead; America; American; autumn; California; Carneros Region; color; colorful; colour; country; countryside; destination; distance; distant; dusk; empty; evening; fall; forward; full moon; grape; grow; growing; landscape; lines; long; lunar; moon; moonrise; Napa County; outdoor; outdoors; over; paved; purple; road; roads; roadway; rural; scene; scenery; scenic; season; seasonal; skies; sky; spring; springtime; sunset; touring; tourism; tours; travel; twilight; U.S.; U.S.A.; United States; US; USA; view; vine; vines; vineyard; viniculture; vista; viticulure; wine; wines

So if you’re anything like me, and you’re willing to consider an alternative to doing your own keywording, feel free to take advantage of this company’s offer. Again, you can find their ad on my weblog homepage sidebar.

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4 Comments on “Announcing some Keyword help”

  1. Alex Says:

    Thanks !!

    Alex Roy

  2. Michael Routh Says:


    Why won’t you do my Keywording for me in your spare time?

    San Miguel

  3. Jim Goldstein Says:

    Looks like a neat service. After visiting their web site though I’m left a bit lost. I’ll recheck later to see if I can find how to try their service.

  4. Tim Thompson Says:

    I also went to the Shruti site but had a hard time even finding a reference to keywording, and no indication as to what the rates are.

    Gary, could you let me know?

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