Photo: Snow on trees in Yosemite Valley

Picture: Fresh snow on oak trees in Yosemite Valley, following a spring storm, Yosemite National Park, California

This weekend I spent our holiday working on a family project, namely our backyard. The weather here was warm and wonderful, with a cool evening breeze. Then today as I’m going through various images, it hit me that a mere six weeks ago I was in full winter regalia while now summer is just around the corner. Did I mention that California didn’t have much winter or spring? We seem to have gone straight from late fall to early summer. If you blinked, you probably missed the green hills. Oh well, time to sort through the backpacking gear again…

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3 Comments on “Photo: Snow on trees in Yosemite Valley”

  1. Paul Beiser Says:

    I love this photo, Gary. The green tree, the snow, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tom Says:

    I agree with Paul – I’m trying to think of the story behind this that left the pine tree green and the oaks still with snow clinging to the branches. It’s sort of like a B&W photo with one green tree. Very nice. Is it on the site in a larger format somewhere?

  3. enlightphoto Says:


    Thanks for the comment; Nope; still a very new image, this was just a quick Jpeg conversion from the Raw. Cheers,

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