Deer Country

Photo: Deer skins on a dumpster, Kanab, Utah.

I admit it. Ok; two things…First, I’m not a hunter, never have been. Doesn’t mean I’m anti-hunting. Had I grown up in Wyoming or Montana, I’m sure I’d know this, but I’m clueless why hunters would leave these skins? Don’t they have any value?

I’ve had deer meat. Didn’t like it. Elk; now that’s good meat. I always said if I was gonna hunt for meat, it’d be for elk.

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2 Comments on “Deer Country”

  1. Richard Wong Says:

    I am anti-hunting and admit it liberally. Subsistence hunting is one thing, but for sport is another in my view. Have never heard of elk meat, but “venison” does taste rather good from the few times I’ve had it.

  2. Eric Rhodes Says:

    “Don’t they have any value?”

    …depends on how abundabt deer is in your area I suppose.

    I am a hunter (barely), and I agree: waste is not necessarry and elk tastes better.

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