Photo: Road at Sunrise, Wells, Nevada

Picture: Storm clouds at sunrise over lonely, empty two-lane desert highway, near Wells, Nevada.

Wise man says: The Road Ahead is merely the past for anyone traveling the opposite direction. Furthermore, an idiot standing in the middle of the road is either (a) lost, (b) confused, (c) waiting to be hit by a speeding vehicle, (d) all of the above, or (e) shooting stock photos.

Whenever I see photos like this, I always think about that movie that came out in the ’80’s – not sure of the title. Anyway, I never saw the movie, but I remember the trailer showing a bunch of kids playing chicken by laying in the middle of a road at night along the line when a truck zooms past. Sure enough, within a week, there was a news report about some kids getting killed by immitating the scene in the movie.

Full Disclosure: I actually did this once with some friends; kinda. We weren’t doing a dare, but we had stopped along Tioga Pass Road around 3:00Am, and were watching the stars. The only good spot to view through the trees was -of course – in the middle of the road. Fortunately, we picked a spot where we could see any oncoming headlights well before they would reach us.

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2 Comments on “Photo: Road at Sunrise, Wells, Nevada”

  1. Svein-Frode Says:

    Howdy Gary! These kinds of photos remind me of one of Steven Spielberg’s first movies called “Duel” from 1971. It has some very nice cinematography of classic American road scenery.

  2. Jim Goldstein Says:

    The movie was from 1993 and it was called “The Program”

    It was aweful unlike your photo 🙂

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