PHOTO: Clear Blue Depths

Picture: Crystal clear deep blue sparkling waters of Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

Why post this image today? Funny story, actually. My two kids (7b/4.5g)  were told to clean the kitchen counters as part of their chores. They decide, on their own, to also clean our kitchen floor. I walk in, and they have been draining the drinking water from the fridge, and have the floor covered in water, and are scrubbing away with our dish sponges. At some point I hear crying, this after my daughter decides to play slip-n-slide – right into the kitchen table. An hour later, and a whole roll of paper towels, it’s almost dry again.

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  1. Richard Wong Says:

    That is genious of your kids. Next time I have to clean my floors I’ll have to try draining the fridge of water to do it. That new technique hopefully will give me some motivation to finally clean my floors for a change.

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