2006 – 63rd Annual POYI Winners

The winners of the 63rd annual Pictures of the Year International (POYI) Photography Competition for 2006 have been announced. There is some really great images, and while I haven’t seen all the winning entries, there were a few that really caught my attention. In addition to a fun look at the Twister Sisters, I was most struck my one image of a person walking in a snowy park. This image more than any other reminded me of the classic images that graced the pages of Life Magazine from the 30’s and 40’s. The other image – and talk about a great catch – was an image of a hawk with it’s prey. And in the same ‘lucky catch’ category – there is a fabulous image called “Return to Flight” and Joel Sartore’s excellent image, “Waiting in a waterfall”.

This is definitely worth the time to look through, and this will be added to the archive listing on my Photography page.

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2 Comments on “2006 – 63rd Annual POYI Winners”

  1. Richard Says:

    How come no one else posts except for me? For a top 50k website, I’d think you’d have more comments.

    Btw, they should make a disclaimer on the POYI winners. “63rd Annual Winners minus Gary Crabbe.” The golden sunset oak tree image from Diablo man, I’m telling you. These judges missed out.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks, Richard.

    I appreciate the comments – really. I guess I haven’t made any posts that are like some other blogs that either ask for, or provoke comments. Not saying I won’t in the future, but for now, I still consider this very much a “baby blog”. There’s still quite a bit more I’m trying to flush out, but busyness has kept me juggling one plate too many. I’m sure as I develop my timing and voice, I’ll be more confident about asking people to speak up or contibute opinions.

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