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For anyone curious about how most digital cameras differ from more traditional SLR’s, the smaller sensors apply a ‘crop factor’ – essentially zooming in on every scene. Photographer Bob Johnson has a great explaination of the technical aspects on his Tip of the Week. Additionally, he promises more on the subject next week.

Since I’ve switched to digital, and had to live with the crop factor, I’ll share my experience. Namely, I never worried about it too much. I put a lens on and either I could get wide enough to show what I wanted, or I couldn’t. Right now, my widest lens is the 17-35 2.8, but on my list is a 12mm. On the reverse side, I like how the range of my telephoto lenses have been extended. This is great for big moons, close-ups of mountain peaks, and of course, birds and wildlife. A huge ruccus had been made from the Nikon camp of users, wanting to get a full-frame sensor like Canon’s high-end DSLR’s. Nikon has said,”It ain’t gonna happen.” If I had to choose now, I’m 50-50 if I’d go back to a full frame sensor. The wide angle shooter in me says, “Sure.” The half of me that loves shooting with tele’s says, “…and give up an extra 50% focal length extension? No Way!”

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  1. The X-Man Says:

    I know what you mean, I have a 17-35 as well. I don’t really want anything much wider though because the perspective distortion from pointing the lens down looks cheesy to me. I’m not sure what I’d do with all the extra stuff I’d have to fit into the comp. Most of the “wides” on my website were taken with a 35mm lens. I do love the Xfactor though so I can skimp on the telephoto stuff and still shoot birds decently.

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