Technorati Tr0uble

Does anyone else have trouble getting Technorati to recognize the Embedded Code that links to your Technorati Profile? I’ve been finding it to be a complete PITA – everytime saying “we’ve encountered a problem.” Well I’m getting to be the one with the problem, especially if this alternate method doesn’t work either.


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2 Comments on “Technorati Tr0uble”

  1. Michael Brown Says:

    Hi Gary!

    I can’t figure that one out at all.
    I have never really had any problems with Technorati other than their occassional down time for maintenence.
    Try taking out all of the Technorati info from your template, then update the template, then add the Technorati linkage info back into your site/blog’s template.
    I did this only once with Technorati when I first started my blog after I could not get them to link up, and since then, everything has been fine.

    Nice blog type site you have here Gary, and I most certainly will pay some more visits here soon!

    Take care buddy,

  2. Richard Wong Says:

    Is the link supposed to be visible on my own blog too? I had no problems adding mine onto their website. The owners probably are photographers too and are conspiring against you.

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